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Monday, November 16, 2009


and i'll post soon. hahahah

one more month!
Saturday, September 26, 2009


but before that,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVIAN! :D we really need to catch up when everything's over! hahaha. i know you're enjoying yourself now

i can't wait for it to be over so i can do everything i wanna do. catch up with everyone and stuff. one more month! time to chiong.

so anyway, watched the ugly truth and the time traveller's wife on thurs. the ugly truth was really bad! so sad. it was only kinda funny because of all the sexual references -.- but other than that, NOTHING!

and so since both jingo and i were really annoyed, we travelled to orchard to watch the time traveller's wife! which was good :D even though the ending was sad ): told my mom she should go watch it hahaha.

the guy reminds me of christian bale haha. at first i said patrick dempsey. then i was like okay maybe not! the girl's pretty. haha so they make a good screen couple :D

so yes, one more month! probably won't blog for a long long while. i can't even rmb everything that's happened. but i guess even if i do rmb it doesn't mean i have to pen it all down.

see this is why i don't wanna ever lose my memory. cos all my memories are in my head ): and i'd cry if i forgot. but i guess i wouldn't even cry cos i wouldn't know that i had forgotten it in the first place! :/ that's even worse.

i'm rambling. but yeah. whatever. i wanna be where wenjing is now! cos singapore's way too boring tch.

and being idealistic kinda sucks. ohwell!

I know I'm good for something
I just haven't found it yet
Saturday, September 05, 2009

my whole body's aching and i have no idea why! i didn't even do anything strenous to my body (hope the spelling was right even though it looks wrong!)

school's over, PRELIMS AREN'T. sigh i think my school's really horrible haha but ohwell! shall be a good kid and study. went to ikea today :D which brings really funny memories. and ate meatballs yay! it's been a while

bought new things. hahaha. and i want a big bed! it's so spacious and nice. but it's not like i can fit one into my room so no difference. sigh.

MY BODY REALLY HURTS. so annoying. shall go sleep it off soon.

i'm getting lazy to blog. ohwell. this is what happens when your life's been robbed by studying.

and another annoying thing. can't find the right score! tch. guess i'll figure it out after Os. so many things i wanna do when it's finally over! it's like one loooooooooong list. and oh all the movies too :D

but for now, focus hahaha

shit i'm really aching too much. can't stand it.

Why don't we hit restart
And pause it at our favourite parts?
wedding dinner :D
Sunday, August 16, 2009

went to my cousin's wedding dinner last night :D hahaha it was quite cool in the sense that we sat at the VIP table! there's a reason to it. but that's not the point hahaha

it really only started at 8plus O: i liked the lighting of the heart frame! it was really cool :D too bad the flames didn't move evenly :/ but it was nice.

the food was alright haha. me and my bro came up with a lot of theories last night! we need to entertain ourselves what :D then he started annoying me. until we switched to talking about someone else. then we had a mutual agreement. which is really true! (doubt anyone will understand this hahaha)

so anyway after the whole thing, something weird happened o.O this guy got possessed or something. weird. and then i learnt from my mom that my second aunt believes in this kind of thing. so we were like okay. but it was weird

we cabbed home. then when we were reaching our house, the taxi driver suddenly told us about how one there was once in the middle of the night he was driving and there was a king cobra on the road! O:

that's scary and cool at the same time. it must have come out from the forest. but WOAH! that there can actually be a king cobra is amazing enough alr haha. then yeah reached home and slept at 1 haha.

i think my mom let me sleep in today :D cos i only woke up at like close to 11 hahaha. and we didn't go church today. think it's because of my dad. ohwell!

and now i shall go back to writing the damn chinese compo. got so annoyed that's why i came here. SIGH. then must study chem. and maybe amath. but now i don't feel like alr tch. but i shall try!

If today was your last day
And tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
UP! :D
Friday, August 14, 2009

watched UP! (i like it like that :D) today with melody haha. it was awesome! russell's so cute.

"Hi my name is Russell and I'm a wildnerness explorer from tribe 54."

i can't remember the next line. but that's not the point! he was so cute and funny :D and i love mr fredricksen too! hahaha he's funny in his own old man way :D

so yes it was really nice! i wouldn't mind watching it again haha.

thanks for today melody! :D it's been a long long while since we went out together! haha

happened to meet wenjing there who gave me a shock because she blew into my ear! tsk. and sorry about today :/ meet up again soon! definitely before you leave :D

two more episodes before i'm done with gossip girl :D i need to at least finish it! and maybe lost hahaha. even though the show's really retarded.

ohoh and i hope vanessa and danica did what they wanted to do today :D haha! so amusing.
yuki yaki :D
Saturday, August 08, 2009

yay our long awaited eating session! hahaha we finally did it ytd. went to yuki yaki :D although it was weird without lynette around. we concluded it would definitely be more fun if she had come!

did retarded things hahaha. it was quite worth it :D and we barely ate steamboat loh. we fried almost everything haha. the frying part was really retarded, but fun all the same!

then we started gossiping. ohman and i think i was the one who started it! O: but ohwell. was quite surprised at what we shared haha. ANYWAY! we were quite full alr. but we still tried the frying ice-cream thingie :D for the experience!

haha and it was fun :D it wasn't really frying lah. more like freezing! eileen took most of the pictures so it's on her phone. haha we came up with funny stuff. we concluded the nicest was peppermint. then we started mixing flavours. so best was chocolate mint i think :D

we broke our personal records! we spent four hours there O: but yay at least it was fun. went to shop for presents after that :D random, strange ideas! but ohwell. and then we went back.

ohoh i saw michelle! after so long man. hahaha talked for a while. then had to go alr. gloria pointed out that we were talking in the middle of citylink. i didn't even know that haha. ohwell. it was nice seeing her again :D as annoying as she is for not coming back to visit for so long TSK.

so anyway, i guess it was a nice way to end off the week (: was feeling pretty burnt out the past few days. didn't really bother studying for the tests. ohwell! but yes. three more weeks to prelims! gah

and i shall end off here now. trying to clear songs from my ipod so it'll be 16GB. but abit hard leh. sigh!
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i have a sad life now ): i can't wait for Os to be over!

i'm gonna fail bio test AGAIN. sigh. on the way home with eileen today. we started talking about what we would do after Os. and we started planning about what we should do right after Os! go out straight after our last paper :D yay so fun

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIANCA! :D heh. yay we sang a birthday song to her the minute she walked in hahaha. thanks for being such a dear retarded tablepartner :D (you wouldn't even know she's retarded until you talk to her hahahah) look forward to a nice 9 o clock tmr! :D yay i'm such a nice partner. thanks for tolerating me hahaha.

i hate the weather. i seriously think it's the cause of why so many people are falling sick! tsk. vanessa went home halfway cos she was falling sick. coming down with a fever! so she's probably not coming tmr.

oh we got owned during PE today hahahah. we were outnumbered by the way. but anyway it was retarded. hahahah.

OHOH I LOST WEIGHT! hahahah and it's a permanent loss i just weighed myself again :D and i didn't even do anything! haven't been exercising i feel so unhealthy :/ but yeah. maybe sleeping alot really helps! cos i slept a lot when i fell sick haha. burn more calories.

okay shall go back to what i was supposed to do. i intend to sleep early today :D after sleeping at 1 this morning. tsk. coffee does help me hahaha.

but other than that, i have a sad sad life ):

on a random note, i like fridays :D

and on another random note, a word a day helps too! although some of my plots are really crappy :/

Sing me something soft,
Sad and delicate,
Or loud and out of key,
Sing me anything.
sleep and more sleep.
Friday, July 17, 2009

i've been sleeping so much lately! like some pig. but that's only because i fell sick. and didn't go to school at all. ohwell. been slacking at home. never study or anything ): i feel bad. but it's not my fault! i'm excused hahaha

but yes. stupid flu. it's not h1n1. although all the symptoms are there hahahha. i really hope my fever goes down soon though! it's annoying.

and i just realised that i can't go tmr ): DAMN!

hmm the mio tv thingie came a few days ago. it has free movies :D haha so i did watch them. like hitch! hahaha and i rmb one quote

"life is not the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away."

something like that, but yes i like that quote! :D it's probably really old, but who cares, i like it. and i think i'll stop slacking today. provided i'm not drowsy later at night :D
Thursday, July 09, 2009

couldn't take it anymore.

it's only coming to two weeks. and i feel so weak. damn you!

so many things happened. good and bad, but now i'm too lazy to write anything alr. don't feel like remembering all the shit things that happened and all the things i did :/

gonna screw up ss! sigh. felt like writing FUCK! and handing in. didn't even study that part. thanks bianca for trying to comfort me after the test :D haha she was like "natalie they'll probably just mark one part! so maybe they'll mark the source-based questions!" haha thanks, but that was equally difficult too! :/ ohwell

i don't feel like blogging here alr. maybe i'll really switch to lj. SIGH!

haven't blogged in ages. doubt anyone cares anyway so.

When you can't take it anymore,
what do you do?

God help me.
yeah right!
Sunday, June 28, 2009

okay so school holidays are ending. tmr's back to school!


didn't even feel like i had a holiday. pffft.

anyway here's something cool that just happened :D


i think it's very cool! too bad i didn't get to witness it. my dad scolded me and in the end he went to look -.-

but yes i think it's very cool. scary, but still cool. when he grows up, he's gonna have a really interesting story to tell! (yes my dad told us it's a boy! haha)

think about it, how many people actually get to say they were born at the carpark?

i got a new nephew. he's pretty cute :D except he had rashes when we saw him.

today's sermon made sense to me. i guess it's true that sin comes from our own weaknesses. so we can't blame it solely on the devil (as much as i would like to!)

so yeap. back to school. hope i can get through it.